The former minister of Biya published a bilingual letter on social networks during the feast of Tabaski, asking for forgiveness from Cameroonians.

The letter to the Cameroonian people is a letter of forgiveness. Marafa pleads for forgiveness for the wrongs he had done, and also forgives for the wrongs done to him.

Below is the complete letter of Marafa Hamido Yaya who writes from his prison cell in Kondengue, Yaounde.

“My dear compatriots,
To all those who celebrate it, I wish a happy Eid holiday.

And allow me to associate those of you who are not Muslims to this celebration.

Because this holiday carries a universal value. This universal value is that of forgiveness, the forgiveness we ask for, the forgiveness we grant, the forgiveness which pacifies discord within families, between

friends, between children of the same nation.

Our country is divided, to say the least, but reconciliation is possible.The advent of a society based on trust and justice is possible.

It is possible if everyone, in their measure, chooses today to ignore the differences in order to treat their neighbors as brothers and sisters. Not to see in the differences of all kinds – linguistic, tribal, political – a

reason to attack the dignity and equality of all.

Today, from my cell, I ask your forgiveness for the wrongs that I may have unwittingly caused you, and I give my forgiveness for the wrongs that have been caused to me.

And, humbly, I pray that this example will be an inspiration.

Happy Birthday to all!”, Marafa writes.