Local Communities called upon to step up the fight against HIV and AID in Cameroon

Matters of HIV/AIDS in Cameroon have been discussed in a round Table conference in Yaounde Monday, November 18 2019, organised as part of activities to mark the national week against HIV/AIDS. The round table conference in The Ministry of Basic Education’s conference hall was chaired by the secretary general of that ministry, Mr, Ebune Paul Tiku.

In line with global efforts to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, the community has three principal roles to play, those of sensitisation, stopping stigmatisation and helping HIV infected persons to admit their state and /ultimately ensuring a psychosocial follow up for the HIV infected to live longer. These are some the aspects that were strengthened during the round table conference in Yaounde by participants…

<<…If the community is involved in the fight against AIDS, we will go a long way to make sure that our children and our teachers are healthy.>> Evelyn Ayuk, Director for health and sports in The Ministry of Basic Education.

As Cameroon is observing the national week against HIV/AIDS, necessary precautions have to be taken by just everybody because from statistics, Cameroon is second amongst West and Central African countries with the highest rate of HIV cases. Figures from The National Institute of Statistics show that out of the 23 million inhabitants in the country, 550.000 people are HIV positive, with the south region topping the list.