Cameroon Legislative and Municipal Elections: The episcopal conference denounces the electoral code.

According to his Lordship Abraham Kome, this law does not guarantee the transparency of the polls in Cameroon.

A few weeks before the twin elections scheduled for 9 February 2020, the Cameroon National Episcopal Conference (CNEC), through its president, His Lordship Abraham Kome, has questioned the Electoral Code,

which is supposed to define the rules of the political game in our country in a fair and balanced way.

While this tool should contribute to the promotion of human rights, Bishop Abraham Kome notes with regret that: “the Electoral Code does not guarantee the transparency and authenticity of the results of the ballot box”.

An output that reinforces the idea of ​​some political parties and opinion leaders on the urgency to review this tool today.For the man of God, human rights are in decline: “We have seen the recurrent difficulty of political

parties to demonstrate.

We see it especially and, I say it with great emotion, when we visit prisons in our country. What is there in terms of structures, the treatment of people or even the massification of the prison population.

When we see all this, we must affirm if we want to remain in the truth, that human rights are sealed in our country.

Corruption, impunity, poor governance and lack of transparency in the management of public finances, serious violations of human rights and public freedoms are the root causes of underdevelopment of our country

according to the President of the Cnec. A speech delivered on the occasion of the meeting, the workshop on evaluation of the state of practicing of human rights, civil liberties by Cameroonians as well as conditions of

detention in Cameroon prisons on the theme: “More justice for a living social cohesion and lasting peace in Cameroon”.

This work is part of the celebration of the International Day of Human Rights. It was yesterday, December 10th at Mvolyé. The aim was to see the real level of human rights and make concrete proposals so that things

can improve. Three themes were at the center of the exchanges among which: The Electoral Code in force: what guarantee for a transparent and fair election in Cameroon?

By: Subiru Madina