The initiative came from the Cameroonian branch of the International League of Women for Freedom and Peace

Peaceful and credible elections. This is the mission that the Cameroon branch of the International League of Women for Freedom and Peace (wILF Cameroon) has given itself. This is to be done throughout the period of the municipal and legislative elections . This non-governmental organization has set up a monitoring and alert room to record cases of electoral violence on the ground. Such violence include verbal and physical violence.

Telephone advisers, made available to users, took part in a training workshop in Yaoundé to address their concerns. They were given tools to develop “a sense of listening, courtesy, respect and tolerance, ” said Sylvie Ndogmo , president of WILF Cameroon, during a working session in Yaoundé. Techniques were acquired in the framework of the prevention of electoral violence.

These call center operators will receive information from users, but also from monitors through the toll-free number in three languages; French, English and Foufouldé.

These monitors, responsible for identifying conflicting factors, were retrained for 2 days on information gathering techniques, with the help of two experts in the field, in particular Pr Charly Gabriel Mbock and Dr Hilaire Kamga . The two experts welcomed the initiative of this NGO.

150 in number, these monitors will be spread throughout the national territory. Their mission, “to work for elections in peace “. They appropriated the concepts, definitions, issues, procedures and electoral techniques, particularly in the field of observation. Emphasis was also placed on the electoral law.