Law and order should be the order of the day in all 10 regions of Cameroon for a smooth elections. Minat boss prescribes to governors.

Territorial Administration Minister Paul Atanga Nji has called on governors of the 10 regions in Cameroon to ensure that they create an enabling environment for the upcoming legislative and municipal elections in Cameroon come February 2020.

During the second and last governors conference which he Opened today in Yaounde MINAT boss called on them to also make sure that security is guaranteed for the elections body ELECAM to carry out her duties while securing the electoral process adding that heads of political outfits in the country should be able to respect decisions taken by administrative authorities adding that they are as responsible for violence as the members on the field with a clarion call sent out to them to ensure that they guarantee security in their various meeting spots

The meeting of today is in relation to the convocation of the electoral corp as well as to plan for the upcoming end of year festivities marked by Christmas and new year celebrations.

He further exalted the governors in attendance to ensure that they combat uncivil behaviors, organised crimes, hostage takings and urban disorder.

This was also an occasion for Paul Atanga Nji to once more call on secessionists to drop their arms in the North West And South West Regions and join the reintegration disarmament and demobilization committee created to be a path way from crime to normalcy.