Cameroon: Kelly Craft urged to lead UN resolution to end violence in Cameroon.

United States Congressman and chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the US House of Representatives wrote to Ambassador

Kelly Craft. Kelly Craft is the Unites States Representative to the United Nations. The congressman, Eliot L.Engel expressed his concerns

as to the ongoing crisis in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

In the letter dated 3rd December, the Congressman expresses his deep concern regarding the ongoing crisis in the anglophone Cameroon

that has resulted in many deaths and displaced. “I write to express my deep concern regarding the ongoing armed conflict in Cameroon,

which has resulted in the deaths of more than 3000 people, the internal displacement of almost 800,000 and over 35,000 Cameroonians

seeking asylum in Nigeria”, he wrote.

According to Eliot L. Engel, several children have been denied access to education for the past three years. To him, the government of

Cameroon has also been blocking access for international human rights organizations to identify the perpetrators of crimes. This has made

it difficult for these organizations to access the conflict-affected population even with humanitarian assistance.

Eliot Engel writes concerning the crisis in Cameroon

Eliot Engel writes concerning the crisis in Cameroon

He, therefore, called on the United States representatives at the United Nations, Ambassador Kelly Craft to take action. ”As a result of this

the horrendous situation, I urge you to lead an effort at the United Nations to pass a resolution calling for an end to the violence in Cameroon

and the establishment of an independent fact-finding mission”, he added.

He acknowledged the fact that the violence and atrocities committed are perpetrated by both the military and armed separatists. The

establishment of an independent fact-finding mission will help to ascertain the circumstances of the gross human rights violations by the

military and non-state armed groups.

He concluded his letter by signaling on the government of Cameroon and armed separatists that the international community will not turn a

blind eye to the gross violations of human rights.