The traditional leader does not remain indifferent after his dismissal, pronounced by Atanga Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration.
On Friday, December 6, 2019, the information was released on a decision taken by the Minister of Territorial Administration in Cameroon. Paul Atanga Nji, in a note suspending the duties as a third-degree traditional leader, Biloa Effa. He is then customary chief of the Messa Nkoba’a district in Yaoundé.

Paul Atanga Nji

He accuses the customary chief of the Mvog-Betsi and Mvog-Tsoung Mballa clan of several evils. He elaborates in his note of dismissal, insubordination, incitement to insurrection and active participation in an unauthorized political demonstration. The traditional authority also learns of his dismissal on the job. Because the latter is on a mission of explaining the reasons for the boycott of the twin elections by the CRM in the south Region. He does not hide his bitterness.

“I learnt without much surprise the decision of the Minister of Territorial Administration relieving me of my duties as chief of custom. It does not escape anyone the blurry role of this minister with regard to the outbreak of the crisis in the North West and South West. It would be nice for me if this person revises his courses on administrative law because any act bearing administrative sanction is null if it is not preceded by the disciplinary procedure “. Explains the traditional leader in the lines of the newspaper “Le Jour” .

According to him, “this action of the Minister of Territorial Administration is just a joke”.
In the Cameroonian political landscape, many find this measure unfair. Because, it is said, she does not contribute to the democratic game. As his majesty Biloa Effa is advisor to Maurice Kamto, president of the CRM party, some find in this decision a settlement of political account. Atanga Nji, is not at his first stroke, President Paul Biya’s minister is known for his unorthodox methods against political parties opposed to the CPDM.