Cameroon has been ranked in the top 10 of the riskiest countries in the word

The 2019 early warning project has revealed that there is a 7.6%, or approximately 1 in 13 chance of a new mass killing beginning in Cameroon in 2019 or 2020.

Ranking Cameroon as the 9th highest Countries at Risk for Mass Killings 2019-2020 in the world out of 162 countries.

“Though it did not move up more than ten places from last year’s assessment, Cameroon is notable for its consistently rising risk: it has moved from 36th (2017–18) to 17th (2018–19) to 9th place. In the country’s Northwest and Southwest regions, Anglophone separatists (approximately seven armed militia groups) are attempting to break away and form their own country called Ambazonia in response to the government’s perceived marginalization of the English-speaking minority,” they added.

In addition to the Anglophone crisis causing lots of tension in the country, in the Far North, the conflict around the Boko Haram insurgency has killed thousands and displaced more than 200,000 since it began in 2013 raising serious concerns over safety issues in the country.
Going by the early warning project projects model, they state that” the factors that account for Cameroon’s current risk estimate include lack of freedom of movement for men, the country’s regime type (anocracy), ongoing armed conflict between the state and Ambazonia insurgents, its high infant mortality rate, and its degree of ethnic fractionalization.”
The only other African countries above Cameroon with a higher risk propensity are the Democratic Republic Of Congo, Egypt, Sudan And Somalia.

By John Paul Sama