The government of Cameroon insist on continuous plans to reconstruct the North West and South West regions of Cameroon despite the ongoing crisis plaguing these regions for the past three years.

Despite the statement of the Head of State, Paul Biya to grant a special status to the North West and South West regions as a measure to resolve the crisis, the status of the special status is yet to be known.

According to the Prime Minister and Head of Government Dion Ngute, he is actively engaged in seeking proposals on contribution of funds to enable and facilitate the reconstruction of the two anglophone regions.

He stated on his tweeter that he led a meeting with: “partners to gather their concrete proposals for contributions to the funding of the special plan for the reconstruction and rehabilitation for the North West and South West Regions”.

The success of the reconstruction plans remain skeptical to the population as they say it is a wrong timing, given that the crisis is ongoing and not getting any better.

The reconstruction plan, discussed on Thursday by the Prime Minister is part of the recommendations laid down during the Major National Dialogue in Yaounde as a means to resolve the crisis.

The Thursday reconstruction plan meeting led by the Prime Minister Dion Ngute took place in the presence of over fifteen Diplomatic Mission Representatives.

It is no doubt that the government of Cameroon keeps enumerating several plans but the are not always revealed to the population. The measures to be taken to the reconstruction plans are still unknown.

This reconstruction plan comes after the President and Head of State promised offering a special status to the NW and SW regions, but the nature of the special status has not been revealed.

The anglophone crisis which started three years ago as a peaceful protest by the lawyers and teachers has escalated into what some all civil war, due to the negligence and unwillingness of the government to handle the situation.