Government has began implementing the recommendations of the reports of the Commission of Inquiry into the Ngarbuh Massacre.

Sources have revealed that the government have stationed soldiers in Ngarbuh for over a week now.

The creation of a military base was one of the recommendations proposed after the commission of inquiry validated their ivestigations into what happened in Ngarbuh on February 14.

An inhabitant in Ndu says “we have been seeing caterpillars working along the road to Ngarbuh and several military men around”.

Most of the people say it is not a good idea, after seeing soldiers collaborated with vigilante group to kill their people.

At such a time, some people say the creation of a military base in Ngarbuh is a threat to the inhabitants around the community.

Giving that the military is a target of the separatist fighters, the inhabitants fear a constant attack from the separatist fighters, putting their lives at risk.

On February 14, 2020, Ngarbuh, a village Ndu sub division, Ndonga Mantung division of the North west region of Cameroon suffered a massacre from the military.

Soldiers invaded the village, killed pregnant women and children, burnt down houses, and accused the separatists of the atrocities.

The president of the Republic created a commission of inquiry to investigate the event.

The result of the findings revealed that soldiers with the aid of a vigilante group in the community were responsible for the killing of innocent civilians.

Some recommendations were made, among which was the creation of a military base in Ngarbuh, the compensation of the affected families, and the arrest of all those responsible in the act.