The population of Massangam in the Noun Division, West region of Cameroon has reportedly beaten a Gendarme office to death.

Sources revealed he killed this young man because they got into an argument over a girl both of them had interest on, but the girl preferred the deceased over the Gerndarme.

According to sources from the region, the Gendarme Officer identified as AT Fokou have been making several attempts to date this young girl who never had interest in him but preferred someone else.

Hoping to get this girl all to himself, and out of anger, the Gendarme is said to have gone to the young man’s residence in Massangam and shot him to death.

Reports say upon getting the sound of a gunshot, the elder brother to the young man came out of the room and equally received a shot on the arm that sent him into coma.

At the sight of this event, the father of the two young men reportedly raised an alarm prompting the population of the area to immediately attack the Gendarme

According to reports, he got himself well beaten and finally gave up the ghost.

After the act, the said population reportedly engaged themselves in a manhunt against Gendarmes in the neighbourhood who were forced to desert their posts and houses. Their bitter actions were to get hold of and beat any Gendarme found within that locality.