Former Indomitable lion’s captain Stephen Tataw died of illness, angry with FECAFOOT.


The former team mate of Tataw Stephen Emmanuel Mabouang Kessack made shocking revelations about the last wishes of his colleague before he died.

According to Emmanuel Mabouang, Tataw Stephen would not want certain people to be at his funeral after he’s gone.

“I can tell you that I kept a special bond with him since he was the Vice-President of the Cameroonian Footballers Rally, an association of which I am the President. So I am in a good position to tell you that the Captain was very angry and has been for a long time. Angry with the leaders of Fecafoot and against us his former teammates! He told me constantly that on the day of his funeral, he did not want certain people to come. He said that in our community, there was too much hypocrisy and contempt, especially towards him. He needed help especially with the disappearance of his wife and there was generally no one (…) Captain Tataw was not living well and it got to the point where he was traveling by motorcycle taxi in the sight and knowledge of all. he reacted before continuing on the generally precarious situation of former internationals.  “Me for example, I did 5 years as assistant coach of a national team without ever touching a salary! I even had problems with my wife because she didn’t understand that I was working without getting paid. Joël Epalle is going through the same situation now after having served the country. Fortunately, here in Europe we earn our lives differently otherwise we would be dead too. Go find out if Tataw had a salary? What position did he hold anyway? Nothing at all. The Captain lived on troubleshooting or begging. He had no salary. This is what the Captain of the Indomitable Lions, quarter-finalist of the 1990 World Cup had become, with a Baccalaureate in his pocket please! “, Emmanuel Mabouang Kessack said .

Only very few of the former team mates of Tataw Stephen have government recognition. Among them are Roger Mille and  Bell Antoine.