It is said that before he died Fotso Victor had allocated 2 billion francs CFA for his burial. This is the money that is causing conflict among his children.


The wives and children of the late billionaire have been in conflict over the funds allocated for his burial. A complaint for “suspicious death” has even been filed with the Paris-Nanterre court.

An accusing finger is precisely pointed at Gérémi Sorel Njitap husband of Laure Fotso dit Mimi, the honorable deputy, Bernard Fon gang, husband of Michèle Blanche Fotso.

Due to the unresolved persistent conflict, the eldest son of  Fotso Victor in the person of Roger Fotso wrote to the entire family, drawing to their attention that the entire is watching them.

Here is what he wrote:

“History, destiny through Our Very Dear and late Feu Fotso Victoir challenges you. Know that all members of the Cameroonian government present or past do not ignore the name of Fotso Victor.

So all these beautiful people follow our deplorable actions, step by step, day by day.
No Ambassador, Consul, Minister, Prefect, Mayor, General, Colonel, Admiral Heads, Judges, Prosecutor etc etc in Cameroon is aware of the name of Fotso Victor. NO.

All the NEC MOST ULTRA of Cameroon now follows what we will call the saga of the Fotso Victor funeral.
You should take all the measure, the greatness OR LOWNESS of what is happening.

What is it about?

An Illustrious Character Mr. Fotso Victor, Patriarch of more than 120 children, died in France in conditions that have not yet been established.
To the surprise, the general stupor a gang alternately composed of Fotso Lucie, Toukam Laure Nzita, Clarisse proclaimed himself UNUNILATERALLY manager and organizer of the funeral of the illustrious character.

Worse, on the way, Fotso Lucie in a video conference to the wives and children of the deceased recomposed the gang; designating non BADJOUNs named FONGANG and NZITAP who are not from Bandjoun in the role of managers and organizers of the funeral of Patriarch Fotso Victor.

These foreigners, non Bandjounais unilaterally decided to organize the funeral of Patriarch Fotso Victor on June 20, 2020 despite the Covid19 and despite the opposition of the eldest Men of this Fotso family.