The Minister of Finance published the names and the amounts embezzled by fifteen of the sixty four official alongside their administrative positions

Sixty-four public officials , including civil servants and contractual executives, diverted the sum of 33 billion FCFA from public funds between October and November 2019.

The Ministry of Finance (MINFI) made this information public. The administration headed by minister of Finance,  Louis Paul Motaze , in a publication on its Facebook page on December 23, 2019, informs that ” these are civil servants and contract workers who benefit from false reminders on balances or pensions, also called statements of sums due ( ESD) “ .

“It is a system which consists, for certain executives of the Ministry of Finance, when processing the salary of state personnel, to inject the ESD code wrongly with any amount on the basis of any file or a false record. The objective is to grant false reminders and collect 50% of each beneficiary, “specifies MINFI.

This administration of the ministry published the list of fifteen public agents and officials of this network, as well as the sums yet to be collected.

1) ELANGA BELA JEAN CLAUDE (Major prison guard) / Mat 725863X / Net to pay: 2 144 549 FCFA

2) EDOU EDOU BENJAMIN (Contractual CAT10) / Mat 744047F / Net to pay: 3,496,578 FCFA

3) MVILONGO (Contractual CAT7) / Mat 746393W / net to pay: 618,750 FCFA

4) TAMBA NGANTI ISIDORE (contractual CAT9) / Mat 747098N / Net to pay: FCFA 635,057

5) HAMAN BENJAMIN (Cadastre engineer) / Mat 759398A / Net to pay: 2,038,433 FCFA

6) NZAMEYO SIMON BERTRAND (Principal of EPS) / Mat 753070Q / Net to pay: 3 399 855 FCFA

7) VOUNDI OTTOU MARTIN (Contract CAT8) / Mat 763479T / Net to pay: 2,674,575 FCFA

8) SOUAIBOU SAFIR (2nd grade peacekeeper) / Mat 766916V / Net payable: 1,580,898 FCFA

9) ABE BILOA NEE MENDOUGA MARIE THERESE (pensioner) / Mat 862502O / Net payable 4,020,655 FCFA

10) DEMANOU DJOFACK (Water and forest engineer) / Mat V033920 / Net payable 1,293,165 FCFA

11) MAGNE THERESE PELAGIE (Prison warden) / Mat694900J / Net to pay: 2,340,758 FCFA

12) NTYAM FRANCINE (Major prison guard) / Mat 677547M / Net payable: 2,440,826 FCFA

13) BELINGA EDOA CHRISTOPHE FRIDOLIN (Major prison guard) / Mate 676061Z / Net to pay: 2 312 081 FCFA

14) NEMABALI MAXIMILIEN (Contractual CAT8) / Mat 671067E / Net payable 953,779 FCFA

15) ELANGA ANDOMO (Contractual CAT8) / Mat 651643Q / Net to pay: 4,211,653 FCFA

Names of officials and amount embezzled, published on the facebook page of the ministry of finance

Names of officials and amount embezzled, published on the facebook page of the ministry of finance.














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