5th board session of ELECAM takes stock of what has been done so far ahead of the upcoming municipal and legislative elections

One month to the Municipal and Legislative Elections in Cameroon, the board of ELECAM looking at the upcoming events has met in Yaoundé to look at the level of readiness for the upcoming twin elections in the

country .the issues put on the table concerned:

1- The evolution of electoral materials.

2- The latest date for these materials to arrive the various communities.

3-The composition of the local follow-up committees on the ground.

4 – The preparations and delivery of campaign documents amongst others.

They also looked at the adoption of the internal communication strategy during this period with the objective of accompanying the political actors in their quest to woo electors of all categories.

During his introductory statement at this 5th board meeting Enow Abrams Egbe The Board Chair of Elections Cameroon underlined the necessity for ELECAM to prepare well in a bid to ensure that everything runs

smoothly given the context with which this elections is coming under their professionalism has never been this important.

He further urged his collaborators to continue the good work and ensure that they communicate regularly so as to get the desired output at the end.

Electoral materials for the February 9, 2020 Municipal and Legislative Elections to be available on time

The Board Chair of Elections Cameroon Enow Abrams Egbe and his collaborators have gone to the field to size up the level of preparedness as concerns the upcoming twin elections.

Their first stop was at the 101 military airbase in Yaoundé where a good number of workers are doing their bid in groups to package electoral materials with very little room for error.

According to the officials of ELECAM in place the main part of the work has already been carried out with the materials to be made available in the voting halls all over the national territory at the right time.

At the National Printing Press ELECAM had given an order of 9 million envelopes to be made with 8.9 million already produced as the boss of the printing press reveals with 77 thousand others to be handed to

ELECAM in the days ahead.

ELECAM at the National Printing Press

ELECAM at the National Printing Press

The members of the electoral board were elated at the rate of works and assured that all the materials will be available alongside the voting ballots.

The Municipal And Legislative Elections comes up on the 9th of February 2020 with campaigns set to begin on January 25th 2020.

By John Paul Sama.