The announcement was made during the 10th session of the PREF-CEMAC meeting that took place in Douala on December 21, 2019.

The 10th Ordinary Session of the Monitoring Unit of the Economic and Financial Reforms Programme of CEMAC (PREF-CEMAC) that

took place in Douala on the 21st of December 2019 came to put an end of to a two-day working session of members within the committee.

At the end of the meeting it came to the limelight that one of the member States, Equatorial Guinea, has finally signed the accord of the

IMF economic reforms programme within the CEMAC region.

As explained by the Permanent Secretary of PREF-CEMAC, Professor Michel Djiena Wembou, with the signing of the partnership

agreement by Equatorial Guinea, all six countries are on board in terms of development within the region.

He said economic restructuring will now be fully harmonized within. He added that it was a sigh of relief for all member countries as

economy, finance and judiciary will work together for the development of the CEMAC zone.

Meanwhile, members at the 10th ordinary session of the Monitoring Unit of the Economic and Financial Reforms Programme of CEMAC

also took time off to examine the recommendations taking by the CEMAC Heads of State meeting in N’Djamena and that in Yaounde on

the Budgetary Reforms and Diversity of the Economy of the CEMAC zone.

They looked into the implementation of agreement with IMF by member States. A delegation was assigned to lobby for funds to sponsor

integration projects amongst others. On his part, the President of the CEMAC Commission, Prof. Daniel Ona Ondo appreciated member

countries that have been doing their best in implementing CEMAC regulations.

He said the certification of CEMAC passport in Gabon will take place in the nearest future. To him, the progress made by member

countries is huge which shows their commitment in the improvement of the livelihood of the people within the sub region. Prof. Daniel Ona

Ondo added that they are aimed at achieving collective autonomy, raise the standard of living of its populations and maintain economic

stability through harmonious cooperation.

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