‘Paul Biya lied to us’

The former archbishop of Douala clarified during an interview with the Cameroon Radio TeleVision (CRTV) that he had proposed a content

to the Prime Minister different from that which was adopted by the National Assembly.

Cardinal Christian Tumi comments on the legislation submitted to parliamentarians since December 13, 2019.

The retired prelate expressed himself in a report published on December 18, 2019 in the newspaper at 8:30 p.m. on CRTV-Télé.

The man of God is anxious to find out what the texts relating to the South-West and North-West contain. “It is the special status for the

North West and the South West that interests me a lot. Its content will help us with regard to peace in this part of our country, ”he reacts.

The former Archbishop of Garoua calls for “a detailed explanation campaign” for the texts adopted during and after the current

extraordinary session of Parliament. On the bill on decentralized local authorities and which have opened a debate on indigenous peoples

in Cameroon, Christian Tumi is paddling against the current. While section 246 gives pride of place to Aboriginal candidates who are

seeking the office of Mayor, reminds him that he had to support the opposite. “I am among the very first who proposed the content to the

Prime Minister. I said that someone who is not indigenous can be a much better mayor where he is than someone who is from this place.

To justify this reaction, the Cardinal takes pleasure in returning to a declaration by Paul Biya. “I remember what the President of the

Republic said when he came to power. He said he would like all Cameroonians to feel at home everywhere in Cameroon, “quotes the


By Subiru Madina