During the election campaign, the CPDM outgoing mayor of Douala 2, slay the candidates of other political parties.

The electoral campaign for the municipal elections coming up next February started on January 25, 2020. In the electoral campaign, Denise Fampou, outgoing CPDM mayor for Douala 2 called on voters to vote for

her list. At the expense of candidates from other political parties who are adventurers.

“If you run through all the different candidates in the other political parties, these are ghosts you don’t know. We don’t feed the chicken on market day. Will you trust a new mason than a mason you already know?” She

said in an interview.

CPDM without hesitation

For the first magistrate of the Douala 2 Municipality, the populations must vote the CPDM without hesitation. “The campaign is not a one-person campaign, it is a collective campaign. We will vote for the CPDM. We all

know why we chose it. We all know the actions of our champion. Do not hesitate you the voters. Do not be tempted by the political propaganda that we do outside,” advises Denise Fampou.

Her balance sheet

According to the outgoing mayor, Douala 2 has benefited from all the benefits of the ruling party: rehabilitation of around thirty classrooms, construction of at least 20 classrooms in the commune. We put an emphasis

on the sanitation in Douala 2. By organizing for nine successive years the competition for the most civic neighborhood. We have the Christmas tree for the little ones. We have put the elderly at the heart of our concern

by organizing disease screening Campaign days, Such as blood pressure, diabetes. And when they were detected positive. We gave them proper care, ”she adds.

Recall that she became the first female mayor in the Littoral Region in August 2007, just like her father Dagobert Fampou, who was once mayor too.

By Subiru Madina