Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV) retires one of its major journalists after decades of serving the company

After more than 30 years spent with the Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV), Alain Bélibi officially retired on December 31, 2019. He leaves

behind a rich heritage during his professional career. The opportunity is indicated to speak in a few lines on the highlights of his journey in the

world of the Cameroonian media.

Those who have always followed him during his 38 years of good and loyal service on the Crtv, agree that he is a brilliant journalist who knew

how to enlighten through his pen, the paths of journalism in Cameroon and elsewhere.

The man in brief.

Alain Jean-Chrisostome Bélibi was the major of the 9th class at the Yaoundé International High School in 1978. His classmates among others

were: Charles Ndongo, Michel Ndjock Abanda, Dénise Époté. He began his professional career as soon as he left training at Radio

Cameroon in 1981. Due to his talent, temperance and hard work, he rose through the ranks at CRTV

Alain Bélibi has thus inspired several generations of journalists and sharpened many vocations. In his sixties, he retires when holding the

post of Central Director of Radio Information at CRTV

He leaves a lasting impression on listeners and viewers with programs such as “Actualité Hebdo”, “Signe de Temps”, “Le Point

d’Exclamation” etc. His many fans will no doubt miss his voice.