A false rumor circulates about the death of the president of the Cameroon senate Marcel Niat Njifenji.


The Cameroon National television, CRTV said it was able to formally deny the rumors about the death of the senate president.

It was declared by the May 31 edition of the 8:30 pm news presenter that the president of the senate will soon return to the country, especially when the start of the parliamentary session has been decided this June.

Affected by his health condition, Marcel Niat has been frequently absent in the country during the past months. His cabinet attaché, Guy Merlain Ndjike had told the presenter that indeed the president of the senate has gone to Switzerland, but for his traditional health visit.

” HE the President of the Senate made a trip to Europe to carry out his traditional health visit. At the time of his departure from Cameroon, he presented no disturbing sign which certain languages ​​allude to. Like any citizen, he went there for his usual medical follow-up. All other information in circulation is only false “, Guy Merlain Ndjike declares.

In March, Niat Marcel Njifenji was re-elected president of the senate with 88 votes against 10 invalid ballots, while he was still in Europe.

Cameroonians from all indications have been anxiously waiting to see the end of this regime, the reason why there has been frequent rumors about the death of the president of the republic and the president of the senate.