Who is eligible for municipal and legislative elections as the CPDM party strategises

The Cameroon peoples people democratic movement CPDM party are gearing up for the municipal and legislative elections as the party held a meeting in Yaoundé this weekend to put in place their strategy to keep their top spot in councils and Parliament.
 Top priority shall be given to women and youths of the party who intend to run for office as the party is said to be moving towards a new direction.
To ensure that they  achieve their goals, the officials are keen on selecting candidates that are of a certain integrity and those who have been  loyal to the course of the party over the years.
They are said to shun all those accused of financial crimes or mismanagement from running for office.
  Meanwhile the conditions for running for either office in   Section 156  of the Cameroon electoral code states that any Cameroonian citizen of both sex who enjoys the right yo vote and duly registered can be a candidate for the legislative elections.
The Candidate must be at least 23 years old and foreigners who have acquired Cameroon nationality legally are eligible only after a prescription period of 10 years while security forces are not allowed to stand for elections.