Mbororo Community writes to the United States congress

The Mbororo Community in Cameroon have written to us congresswoman Hon. Karen Bass readdressing her on the issues she and other colleagues wrote in a letter addressed to the head of state Paul Biya on the

Anglophone crisis.

In a letter signed by Dahiru Ibrahim mohammadou of the Mbororo Victims Association he said Hon. Karen Bass and co must have written the letter on December 12 with misinformed information and that the real

terrorists are those that are living in America inciting war and violence under the banner of ambazonia against their community who he says have frequently refused to help them financially commit “horrific acts of

violence as he puts it.”

Mbororo community letter to U.S congress

Mbororo Victims Association writes a letter to U.S congress

These acts as he highlights has seen over 1078 Muslim households living in these regions affected and 12,373 internally displaced persons.

189 women have been raped and over 6,000 children prevented from going to school while 272 deaths have been recorded, they have also been forced at gun point to pay over 187,430,000 fcfa since October 2016.

He also went further to commend the efforts president Biya has been doing through the BIR in curbing this genocide against them and helping them in the process of rebuilding.

The American congress have also been called upon to do everything in their power to ensure that they see to it that the Cameroon government is given all the necessary support to fight terrorism and do their bid to

ensure that justice is served by not letting their country be a safe haven for these perpetrators.

By John Paul Sama