Cameroon is gradually taking the lead of coronavirus cases in Africa.

The coronavirus has gradually paved its way into Africa.

According to the Africa Region for the World Health Organization, 43 countries in Africa have been affected by the coronavirus.

A total of 4,995 cases have been confirmed in Africa.

In Cameroon, the population has criticized the government for not taking effective measures to curb the spread of the virus.

Despite the 13 points adopted by the government, some say there is a need for a total lockdown of the country.

The minister of health Manaouda Malichie has proposed a complete lockdown of the entire country but the government still pays a deaf ear to his proposal.

On April 3, the Minister of Public Health on his tweeter page announced over 203 new cases of infection in the country, raising the total number to over 509.

According to the minister as per April 3, 17 persons have been cured, and 8 deaths recorded.

The minister further calls on Cameroonians to stop spreading rumors and misinformation that will create more fears and panic in the minds of the population.

“Each of us must avoid spreading rumors or misinformation that could create confusion and panic in the minds of our brothers and sisters. It is also necessary to strictly apply the usual rules of hygiene such as: wash your hands regularly with clean running water and soap or use an alcohol-based solution; cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough, sneeze, or use a bent elbow; respect for social distancing measures”, said the minister.

He also calls on Cameroonians to limit their travel arrangements as much as they can as we continue the fight against the virus.