Cameroon Order of Doctors says they do not recognize Mgr Kleda’s COVID-19 remedy.

Few days ago the Archbishop Emeritus of Douala, Monsignor Samuel Kleda confirmed he had found the coronavirus cure.

His statement came after which Madagascar established a cure for the same virus.

Being concerned with the plight of the people as a result of COVID-19, the Archbishop went back to put on into his  naturotherapist cap.

According to the bishop on April 29, 2020, his product constitute solely natural plants without any chemical.

He went further to confirm the effectively of his product.

“ At the moment, I can say that the product I have developed is very effective against the coronavirus. All the sick people to whom the product was applied (…) have recovered their health; among which many doctors, since they have the most exposed, ” said the Bishop on April 29, 2020.

The Man of God is also concern with the health of a large number of patients.

“ If we manage to prepare the product in large quantities, I believe that we will be able to save the lives of many people. The product is effective against coronavirus. What we’ve noted so far is that when you give it to a sick person, it immediately recovers.”  said the bishop.

The outbreak of the Bishop’s cure to COVID-19 attracted the attention of the Cameroon Order of Doctors.

According to Dr. Peter Louis Ndifor, SGA of the Order of Doctors of Cameroon, the Bishop’s said cure must meet scientific approach before it can be recommended.

“ Doctors are scientists and we are willing to work with anyone who can provide the solution. As we say here “medicine works with scientific evidence “, he said.

He added that  “As long as there is no research carried out for this means of treatment, the Order of Physicians cannot recommend the use of this method.”

Dr. Peter Louis Ndifor did not however completely reject the Bishop’s cure, but called on the government to initiate an in depth study into the Bishop’s remedy.