The Kalara newspaper claims, on the basis of the texts, that the new members were appointed in violation of the texts.

Regulars of the Etoudi Palace announce the imminent holding of a session of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM). The last meeting of this body, chaired by the President of the Republic and who is in charge of managing the careers of magistrates, was held on June 7, 2017, three years ago.

The long wait could soon end after the nomination, on June 15, 2020 by Paul Biya , of the new members of the CSM. Among the highlights, the appointment of a new secretary general in the person of Mr. Abel Minko Minko . This out-of-hierarchy 1st group magistrate , adviser (judge) to the Supreme Court, replaces the late Jean Foumane Akame who had spent 36 years in a row in this position .

Information relayed by the weekly Kalara , in its issue on newsstands this June 23, 2020. But, the newspaper is more interested in the texts governing this prestigious body. Our colleague maintains in particular that these texts have not been respected in the context of recent appointments.

“Superior Council of the Judiciary: Cavaye Yeguie Djibril and Daniel Mekobe Sone deceive Paul Biya” , headlines the duck directed by Christophe Bobiokono .

Our colleague maintains that the president of the National Assembly and the first president of the Supreme Court violated the texts by proposing to the Head of State personalities on the basis of a designation, in place of an election as that is expected.

“Article 1 st paragraph 3 a and b provides: ” the Superior Council of Magistracy further comprises a) three deputies designated by the National Assembly by secret ballot and by a majority of two thirds of the members composing it. b) Three magistrates of the seat at least of the 4th grade, in active service, appointed by the Supreme Court in plenary assembly ”. Article 3 paragraph a provides: “an alternate member is appointed under the same conditions as above” “ , recalls the weekly.

However, informs Kalara, the first president of the Supreme Court, Daniel Mekobe Sone would have carried out a cavalier approach. “The Supreme Court is now reduced to the decision of the first president. At the time of Alexis Dipanda Mouelle , the appointment was made at a general meeting ,  said a source from the newspaper, who asked not to be named.

Identical observation to the National Assembly where a member of the CPDM, the presidential party, revealed to the newspaper that there was no vote as required by the texts. On this side, it is argued that the president, Cavaye Yeguié Djibril , proceeded solo.

As a reminder, here are the members of the CSM newly appointed by the President of the Republic for a five-year term:

General secretary:

Minko Minko Abel (magistrate outside the hierarchy 1st group)

Personalities designated by the National Assembly:

Essomba Bengono Engelbert Alain;

Ali Mamouda;

Soppo All Marlyse.

Personalities designated by the Supreme Court:

Mekoulou Cunégonde Christine Epse Ngotry;

Fofung Nabun Epse Wacka;

Manga Moukouri Isaac;

Ntyam Ondo Epse Mengue Me Zomo;

Njumbe Ernest Njumbe;

Oumarou Abdou.

Personalities appointed by the President of the Republic:

Amadou Ali;

Ekono Nna Albert.

Substitute members:

Abe Mikhael Ndra;

Goni Mariam;

Ngo Issi Rolande Adèle.