The journalist of president Paul Biya denies the rumor of plans to transfer power by president Biya.


Some weeks ago Prof Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement(CRM) party addressed Cameroonians. In his address he called on Cameroonians to be vigilant about the plans of the head of state to transfer power without elections.

Maurice Kamto further said Cameroonians should be ready to demonstrate against such an act.

Several government officials including Prof Jacque Fame Ndongo had criticized Kamto on this and called his opinion false.

The journalist of president Paul Biya, a close associate to the president with relevant information has denied this allegation.

Yves Marc Medzo,  presenter of the program “Présidence Actu”, a program which sets in motion the activities of the Etoudi tenant, thinks that it is a mechanism orchestrated by Maurice Kamto and his supporters in order to exist politically.

During a program on CRTV called “Micro Majeur” broadcasted on June 5, the journalist officially denies  the plans by Biya to unconstitutionally transfer power without elections.

“Is it necessary to recall that Cameroon is a state governed by the rule of law and that the issue of the appeal has been settled for a very long time by the constitution of our country. And nowhere in the constitution of Cameroon is it written that power passes from individual to individual,” he said.

“The new discovery, the chief fireworks officer (Maurice Kamto, editor’s note) as usual set the tone, followed by the great army of his supporters. Meanwhile, on the web, their main headquarters, the network of influencers in which we find some artists, icons of a certain diaspora and of course snipers who ensure strategic intelligence. They are up to the task with a determined commitment to sell the idea of ​​inheritance over the counter to the head of Cameroon, ”Yves Marc Medzo added.

According to the journalist, the objective of those posing this debate publicly is to maintain their political temperature by all means at the risk of being forgotten.