Limbe City Council responsible for 9 billion CFA loss in mismanagement

The president of the Cameroon National Anti-corruption Commission(CONAC) says Cameroon has lost 9.5 billion frs in 2018. These are

monies the government has lost to corrupt practices for the 2018 financial year in the running of public affairs.

Rev Dr. Dieudonne Massi Gams disclosed the information yesterday in Yaounde during the launching of the 2018 Cameroon’s

anticorruption status report.

Of the 9.5 billion, the report says the Limbe City Council is responsible for 9 billion loss in the mismanagement of the council.

The report was coincidentally presented to the press yesterday at a time the Limbe City Council was equally holding its council session

under the Government Delegate Andrew Motanga Mojimba.

The Anti-corruption Commission also accused the Nkometou toll gate post of mismanagement. The Commission accused the Nkometou

Tollgate post of mismanaging state’s funds of over 15 million Frs CFA. In Bafia, the Bafia District Hospital was indicted with the

mismanagement of 3 million Frs CFA.

A million questions Cameroonians ask is if CONAC is effective in its services. It places doubt on people if CONAC itself is also corrupt.

Last month the Yaounde Special Criminal Court sentenced Emmanuel Lebou to 104 years imprisonment for embezzlement. Emmanuel

Lebou who worked as the Director of salaries was charged guilty for creating 2601 fake salary accounts worth 1.8 billion FCFA per month

for a 10 years period. Emmanuel Lebou’s 1.8 billion Frs monthly embezzlement for one year amounts to 21.6 billion Frs CFA. This amount

alone is twice more than the total annual loss of the government declared by CONAC.

Is CONAC which is headed by a Rev Dr. Dieudonne Massi Gams really effective?