Closing speech by the right honourable cavaye yeguie djibril, President of the National Assembly of Cameroon · Wednesday 11 December 2019 – Mr President of the Senate; – Prime Minister, head of government; – Mr President of the Constitutional Council; – Mr First President of the supreme court; – the attorney general near the said court; – ladies and gentlemen members of the government; – excellence ladies and gentlemen ambassadors and representatives of international organizations; – Honorable Mps and colleagues; – distinguished members of civil society; – dear guests; – Excellence, ladies and gentlemen.

Open on 12 November, the work of the third regular session of the National Assembly for the 2019 Parliamentary year ends this day. During this period, your elected representatives have voted on eight bills subject to their review by the government, including the one on finance law of the Republic of Cameroon for the 2020 Financial year. Estimated at 4 951 billion cfa francs, the draft state budget, as proposed in the future finance law, has finally received the discharge of the elected representatives of the nation, while waiting for its promulgation By The President of the Republic. I like to note on this subject and to rejoice, the innovations contained in this future law.

Overall, these innovations confirm the strong will of the public authorities to encourage production and local consumption and to improve the living conditions of our people. To this end, I welcome the first steps announced for 2020 with regard to universal health coverage. I also welcome the expected creation of 550.000 jobs. New jobs that are in my opinion, a priceless breath of oxygen, for our young graduates. Therefore, priority actions of the government for the next financial year should be taken. These include: – the continued implementation of the major structural projects; – continuing the process of decentralization; – the strengthening of the demobilized National Committee on demobilization, demobilization and reintegration (Cnddr); – from the preparation of the chan 2020 and the can total 2021. We would like the work in progress to be delivered within the required time.

Another change of date would be too much. With regard to infrastructure in general, roads in particular, it should be seen that the state spends huge money on their realization. Unfortunately, their quality most often leaves to be desired due to the poor execution of the work. Unfortunately in this process, the controllers are guilty of felony, worrying more about the benefits paid than the sustainability of the books. As for the weighing, it is urgent that established standards are met, in order not to rush the deterioration of our roads. It is for the competent ranking, to punish the multiple acts of corruption that are blooming in this sector. On the other hand, the maintenance of these infrastructures and equipment, especially in hospitals, schools and other training centres, maintenance, must be one of the priorities.

Other draft law I would like to mention here, the one to change and complement certain provisions of the criminal code and the project promoting official languages in Cameroon. As tribal excesses and hate speech are increasingly being heard, the changes in the criminal code sound like a necessity. This is to protect the unity of Cameroon, the integration of the people who are called to live together and in harmony. The crime entitled “contempt of the tribe” is therefore welcome in order to repress behavior and hate speech. As for the second bill, it strengthens Cameroon’s bilingual character and its multiculturalism. The practice of French or English has lived. Here comes the time of the practice of French and English. For this purpose, the National Assembly is a model, a reference, I was going to say, an example to follow because nothing is said here in French and which cannot be said in English. – Excellence, – ladies and gentlemen, After six years of operation, the 9 paper will soon close its doors. This session is thus the last of our mandate inaugurated in 2013.

On behalf of all the members of the said Parliament, I would like to say to each other, how happy we were to walk with you. The great bodies of the state, the government in particular, our guests of the diplomatic body and international organizations, the members of civil society, the development partners, the staff of our institution, despite the circumstances, I can say that together, We fought the right fight. The fight for the development and prosperity of Cameroon, for the preservation of peace, stability, and territorial integrity. In Short, the fight for a better Cameroon that we call for all our wishes, a Cameroon walking towards its emergence. – Honorable MPs and colleagues, Beyond a few disagreements on political politics, for six years, we have been able to hold our role as a parliament, all of the chapel. For being your president, I thank you.

I thank you especially for your trust, your respect for me throughout the term. Soon, many people will be in the assault of the voters. I wish them good luck and good luck. Others will go for a new tomorrow. To These, I say good wind. I seize the excuse of this house, to invite all voters to go to the polls on February 9, 2020, in order to choose in all soul and conscience, in calm and discipline, their MPs and their municipal council. This is the place for me to remind some lost that in Cameroon, power at any level, is conquered in the polls and not in the street. When you are Cameroonian, it is in Cameroon that we speak on the affairs of Cameroon and not by beating the paver in foreign territory. Brigade of this or of that, in any case, a good “Anti-Sardinard” is the one who has the courage to return to the country, to come in a contradictory debate, confront his ideas with those of other compatriots. A good “Anti-Sardinard” is this one who agrees to come and bring his stone to the building of Cameroon that he says love so much. Going to shake in foreign territory is actually only the manifestation of the weakness and cowardice of these bad-fashioned Americanism. So, good morning, hello. I declare closed the work of the third ordinary session of our house, for the 2019 Parliamentary year. long live the National Assembly; – long live Cameroon and its illustrious leader, His Excellency Mr. Paul Biya, President of the Republic, head of state. Thank you.