The epidemic has triggered for a week in the south west region of Cameroon, said the Cameroonian Minister of Public Health in a statement on Thursday November 21, 2019.
The Cholera epidemic broke out “in Idabato, in the health district of Bakassi south west Region of Cameroon, since November 13, 2019,” said the minister in a press release.
The South-West Public Health delegate, Ebongo Zacheus Naji, confirmed that “the epidemic has already killed two of 20 cases have been registered between 13 and 20 November”.

“Given the isolation of Idabato, the bodies were evacuated to neighboring Nigeria for burial,” added the South West Health Delegate, Ebongo.
Public Health Minister Manaouda Malachie said in the statement that “response measures have been implemented in this health district to contain and eradicate the epidemic as soon as possible”.
He also urged people to “be more vigilant” and to quickly take care of those affected. According to the officials, the outbreak of this epidemic is due to inadequate hygiene conditions, including the fact that populations are defecating in the wild or in streams.

Note that the city of Bakassi has a deficit in infrastructure in general and sanitation in particular. While the populations carries a heavier toll of the epidemic.

By Subiru Madina