Music star Charlotte Dipanda gets another attack for demanding change at the Head of State, this time from the Ministry of Communication.


Her opinion about a change at the Head of State continues to fuel a debate nationwide.

Government officials and pro Biya activists have been criticizing the music artist over her opinion about an alternation at the head of state in Cameroon.

This time she is being attacked by the Director of the Media and Public Opinion Observatory at the Ministry of Communication, Charles Atangana.

In a Live Facebook program organized by the activist Commissioner Zogo, Charles Atangana severely criticized the opinion of Charlotte Dipanda.

According to Charlse Atangana Charlotte Dipanda would have done better not to speak of change at the top of the state.

“  She should have expressed herself in 2018 during the presidential contests, I would have found that big and strong. She would have been within her rights as a citizen. She lost an opportunity in 2018, she just lost an opportunity in 2020 to close it, I give her an appointment in 2025, hoping that she will not come to close it in 2025 “, said Charles Atangana Manda.

During the program Vous et Nous on Voice of America channel on May 22,2020, Charlotte Dipanda expressed her wish and desire to witness a change at the top of the state, referring to the presidency.

These are the words of Charlotte that has made the supporters of the Biya regime uncomfortable.

“Me for example I only knew the current President What would it be good for me to have another proposal, to think that this is another era that is inevitably over today and that we need to see what this country can bring to this youth which is different because it is a youth which is also open to the outside, which sees what is happening outside, which has a duty, in any case also hopes for its country. I think it is time that we were offered something else. It is time for Cameroon to develop. Because as long as there is no alternation, there is no real development possible. I think that the current state has reached the end of what it could offer to Cameroon and that, humbly, it would gain to give way to a new governance. No hard feelings “,she said.

Few days ago it was Djene Djento who said Charlotte Dipanda must ask for forgiveness from Paul Biya for voicing such a wish about a change at the top of the state.