According to  Djene Djento Charlotte Dipanda has to beg forgiveness from Paul Biya for daring an alternation at the Head of State.


Charlotte Dipanda has been on media for some days now since she dared the presidency of the Republic. Her only offense is that she dared to challenge the government of Cameroon when she declared that the current regime has come to an end for what it can offer to Cameroon.

According to Charlotte Dipanda, Cameroon can no longer develop except there is an alternation at the top of the state; challenging Paul Biya to step out of power.

“ It is time for Cameroon to develop. Because as long as there is no alternation there is no real development possible. I think that the current state has come to the end of what could offer Cameroon and that humbly it would gain to give way to a new governance. No hard feelings! “, she said during an interview with Voice of America.

In response, Djene Djeno made a full video demanding Charlotte Dipanda to apologize to Paul Biya and his entire government, describing her act as an insult to the Cameroon government.

“ I told Charlotte Dipanda to ask forgiveness from the head of state and the entire Cameroonian government. She insulted the government of Cameroon,” he said.

It is the very Djene Djento who already subjected the artist Longue Longue to the same exercise of apology and forgiveness, after having criticized the regime of Paul Biya.

He says he wants to refrain his little sister charlotte who is “getting lost “.

Charlotte Dipanda like any other has received criticism from pro Biya activists, including members of government. On the other hand Ayah Paul Abine, justified his support for Charlotte.