Chantal Biya appoints Ashiri Dion Ngute, wife of the Prime Minister, general coordinator of CERAC

The wife of the head of state appoints the Prime Minister’s wife. Chantal Biya appointed Ashiri Dion Ngute, general coordinator of CERAC.

Joseph Dion Ngute’s wife replaces Linda Yang, wife of the former head of government, in this position.

Ashiri Dion Ngute will therefore now coordinate the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC). Her predecessor had spent 10 years in office

from 2009 to 2019.

After her appointment, Ashiri Dion Ngute was officially installed on December 17, 2019. The installation took place during the 27th general

assembly of CERAC, chaired by the Cameroonian First Lady. “As in previous years, the 2019 CERAC action plan was almost entirely

implemented. The institution has honored its commitments in the fields of health, education, support for rural women, assistance to

vulnerable people, access to drinking water, etc. Under the impulse of Mrs. Chantal Biya, the influence of CERAC and her active solidarity

manifested throughout the year in the country through the realization of numerous development projects and actions for the improvement

of well-being.”

The creation of CERAC dates back in 1995. It was an initiative of the first lady Chantal Biya. It is a non-profit humanitarian association that

brings together the wives of government officials and diplomats accredited in Yaoundé.

CERAC is therefore active in building schools. It also works in the donation of medical types of equipment and assistance of patients in

hospitals and prisons or assistance to vulnerable groups.

What is CERAC Cameroon

An initiative of First Lady Mrs. Chantal Biya, Founding President of CERAC, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, to take an active part in the

development of Cameroon by delivering much-needed assistance to the most vulnerable groups. CERAC, which is recognized as a public-

interest association comprises:

– a diplomatic component which brings together the wives of Ambassadors and High Commissioners accredited to Cameroon;

– a national component comprising members of government and persons ranking as such, officials of public and semi-public companies,

wives of members of government, elected officers, etc.

Since its inception in 1995, CERAC has been working throughout the country, paying visits to patients, building schools to ensure the

education of young Cameroonians, making donations to various hospitals and schools, etc.

CERAC works against natural disasters, all forms of hardship and against HIV-AIDS.

By Subiru Madina