Catholic prelates tasked with preaching peace in the North West and South West Regions have today met up with Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute. Christian Cardinal Tumi and Bishop George Nkea all presented results on the peace caravan launched by the PM which they all lead in the 2 anglophone regions in a bid to advance the peace process.

This caravan also sought to take the recommendations of the just ended major National Dialogue and look at the lessons learned while chatting on the way forward.
Bishop Andrew Nkea said he called on the people of the South West Region that in order for them to implement the recommendations of the significant national dialogue a peaceful atmosphere must reign for it to be effective.

He also added that from what he witnessed on the field the population is tired of all the killings and the atmosphere that reigns in the region and wants a return to normalcy as soon as possible something which he says enabled the success of the peace caravan.

Do catholic priest get a pension

A Catholic priest is being cared for when they are active and retired. They continue to stay in the parish when they retired and the church takes care of them.

Bishops of Cameroon

These prelates also took to the star building all the concerns of the population as they lead 2 caravans from November 12th to the 14th 2019.
By John Paul Sama