Cardinal Tumi and other bishops have been receiving money each year from the president Paul Biya

The clergy declares having received money from the President of the Republic. The same goes for the bishops and archbishop.

Cardinal Christian Tumi accuses Paul Biya of having bought certain priests of the Catholic church. It was during the program “Verité En

Face” broadcast on Equinox television on Sunday 29, 2019 that the clergy launched the accusations. “We receive gifts from Paul Biya

each year, Bishop: 1 million, Archbishop: 1.5 million, Cardinal: 3 million”. Confessed the prelate without doing it in the tongue of wood.

Suspicion of corruption

A declaration by the clergy has revived on the web of debate on the mysterious death of priests in Cameroon. After the death of Monsignor

Benoit Bala, Joseph Akongo, Secretary-General of the Episcopal Conference of Cameroon, said: “Our Bishop was brutally murdered (…)”.

Before accusing men of power of having infiltrated the Catholic Church of Cameroon via the homosexual priests that Benoit Bala

denounced: “this power so much sought by certain members of this church, false priests! I address it to those carpets in the shadows, who

kill the priests (…) You the folks of Satan’s carpets in the shadows. You can do nothing against those whom God has chosen ”.

English-speaking crisis

During his interview on Equinoxe Tv, Cardinal Christian Tumi also mentioned the special status of English-speaking regions. The clergy

clearly displays their dissatisfaction with the situation which continues to drag on in this area. Even if he feels the situation is timidly back to

normal. And that people start to return to their homes. The prelate’s statement, according to observers, is awkward. Rather, it would add

fuel to the fire when we know that this crisis has already claimed the lives of many people and displaced people.

The cardinal chaired the committee on refugees and their reintegration during the great national dialogue. In addition, he himself

participated in the appeasement of the situation. Going to the field to raise awareness of the threats to peace in this English-speaking


By Subiru Madina