The construction of the various access roads linking the Japoma stadium stands at more than 92%.

The Douala football sites for CHAN 2020 and CAN 2021 are advancing rapidly. According to the daily newspaper Cameroon Tribune of today, the works of the triumphal route, the secondary route and the Japoma sports complex are at the final stage.

In fact, according to the newspaper, the works that have experienced a very high level of execution are those related to the construction of the various access routes linking  the Japoma sports complex.Thus, at the entrance of the said complex, arriving from Yassa, one can see the main road leading to this infrastructure. 1000m long and 27m wide, the roads looks more beautiful and attractive with brand new lampposts.

However, work remains to be finished. The engineers are currently working to finish the last layer of asphalt. On the rate of work execution on the site, officials assure that it is 90%. “After the installation of the bitumen, the work to be done will consist of the completion of the roundabout which connects the triumphal lane to the secondary access road coming from the Dibamba then the vertical and horizontal signaling. The site will be delivered in a few weeks, ”the newspaper highlighted.

Still according to Cameroon Tribune, the secondary access road is in the final stage of finalization. The 2 km long road is at 99% completion rate. The stadium car park is almost at 95% completion. Built on 24 hectare, the parking has a capacity of 6,000 spaces. Only vertical and horizontal signage remains. As a result, overall, the sites are almost in the last phase of completion. The general execution rate is around 93%.