In a recent outing on her Facebook page, the Cameroonian writer criticizes the ugly behavior of BAS members against music artists. Indeed, the BAS advocates a boycott of concerts by Cameroonian artists who support President Paul Biya.

For almost two years, several Cameroonian artist musicians have no longer been able to freely give performances in the West.

Their shows are disturbed by the members of the BAS. Coco Argenté accompanied by Benji Matéké, Sergeo Polo, Samy Diko … could not offer its fans the show scheduled for February 15 at Espace Chevreuil in


She was prevented by a small group of individuals belonging to the BAS. Reason: the support of the Cameroonian artist to the President of the Republic, Paul Biya.

Hence the release of the intellectual, Calixte Béyala on her Facebook account on February 21.

Calixte Béyala speaks at BAS

“Would Cameroon have become the only country in the world where artists are so afraid that they are attacked there?” She wonders.

“For some time – but it didn’t exist in the days before – artists have been threatened; they can no longer exercise their profession in peace without being called to boycott them in the best of cases and not being

attacked on stage, when you do not try to kill them by burning their house “, contextualizes the writer Cameroonian.

According to Calixte Béyala, the artists come from the most fragile social category.

“They don’t profit from anything in a diet; they are not civil servants; they do not have medical coverage…

Their only survival is their talent, their person, their gift. They are fragile, yet it is them that certain groups attack, preventing them from working, obliging some to make them allegiance, if not…

Threats, threats… ”, she denounces.

The life of Cameroonian artists in danger

“Yes, today, being an artist in Cameroon is putting yourself in danger … singers, dancers, painters and writers, here come the times of absolute obscurantism!

What concern for the future… What concern! ” she wrote.