1. The daughter of president Paul Biya, Brenda Biya expresses her frustration and discomfort in her confinement.


Few days ago, the daughter of president Paul Biya published some videos on social media which shows the nature of her ransacked apartment. The video shows that she is being held hostage at the Unity Palace by undisclosed personalities.

” I’m so in trouble here in the country, look (showing her ransacked apartment, presumably by herself Editor’s note) … Do you think it’s normal to keep me here when I’m not well?” What did I ask they gave me? Nothing ! They want to join their chilli side and fill their pockets ” says Brenda, in the video.

In one of the videos she could be seen talking to one of the workers in the Unity Palace responsible for picking up the debris of the objects destroyed by her. She expresses her frustration thus: ” You ask me to go to rest? … kill me … Here are the shards of bottle on the ground … Here are my hands … Kill me I see.” ..I’m crazy, take me to Jamot. ” 

From the videos, all seems not to be well with Brenda Biya.

In another video she published few weeks ago, she said she had received nothing from all the things she asked for. According to Brenda she could lose her sight if nothing is done to her.

According to a document circulating on social media, Brenda Biya would have called on her lawyer, who gave 24 hours to the Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji to leave her free to move.

The document, whose authenticity can not be guaranteed revealed that Brenda Biya has been deprived of medical attention and has not seen or heard from her father for about two months.

Deprived of her rights, the document attributed to the lawyer indicates that Brenda would be in danger, abused and abused by the security agents, and that Minister Paul Atanga Nji, one of the authors of his detention, would be held responsible for any unfortunate situation that could happen.

Also, for some months now the First Lady Chantal Biya have not been seen. Cameroonians have been asking questions about the whereabouts of Chantal Biya. Where could she be when her daughter is in so much discomfort and confinement? Can’t she come to the rescue of her daughter?