Cameroon: Bill on decentralization adopted in parliament

The bill to institute the decentralization process in Cameroon has been adopted in parliament.

It was adopted today during the extraordinary plenary chaired by the chairman of the house Hon Cavaye Yeguie Djibril.

The bill on the general code on Regional and local authorities was adopted following strong opposition from some SDF party members

headed by Hon Tumasang.

He protested that this bill doesn’t respond to the needs of Cameroonians, but after much talks the motion was put to a vote which finally

passed by 92 to 16.

The minister of decentralization and local development highlighted that the provisions of the bill would see a reduced level of powers to

Divisional and Senior Divisional Officers.

This will pave the way for more rights given to local and regional authorities who will have a greater say in the management of their


This bill on decentralization has been welcomed by some MPs. They say say that it would provide an opportunity for developments to

kickstart from the base.

Others say the bill will impact the livelihood of Cameroonians in the grassroots.

From the parliament this bill shall be taken to the Senate for further scrutiny.

This bill adapted during an extended session of parliament on the request of the head of state Paul Biya is said to be one of the main

fallouts of the Major national dialogue.

By John Paul Sama