The president of the collective of lawyers for Maurice Kamto died this morning in Yaoundé, the political capital of Cameroon.

A big loss for the militants of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement. Barrister Sylvain Souop is no more. The president of Maurice Kamto’s lawyers’ collective has just given up the ghost at the Yaoundé University

Medical Center.

From a well-known source, he died this Thursday morning. A few days ago, the lawyer at the Cameroon bar appeared smiling on his hospital bed. A source close to the party said he died from poor anesthesia.

For the facts, Bar. Sylvain Souop, and Bar. Temate were victims of an accident during the night of January 10 to 11, 2020 at the entrance of the city of Bafoussam coming from Dschang.

After a visit to the Bafoussam Regional Hospital, they were evacuated to Yaoundé by ambulance at the University Medical Center of Yaoundé. It was at this center that the lawyer for the CRM’s political prisoners’

defense group bowed out.

Kamto spokesperson leaves a message

“We confirm with great dismay the death of barrister Sylvain SOUOP. According to the latest news from the nursing staff, an operation was planned on his fractured right arm. It appears that the operation was

compromised and canceled due to a reaction or a failure to react in connection with the anesthesia, ” wrote spokesman Maurice Kamto on his Facebook account.

On social networks, several activists of the CRM, express their sadness. “Barrister and Counselor SOUOP Sylvain our companion in the fight, national coordinator of our defense team, who introduces me to Professor

Maurice KAMTO, is no more. Aouch aouch. God. Take pity on us, ”writes Paul Nkenne, a CRM activist.

By Subiru M.