Humanitarian organization accused of trafficking arms to “secessionists” drags perpetrators to court

Accused of trafficking arms and collaborating with the terrorist in the North West and South West Regions two zones which are in crisis at this moment in Cameroon, the Ayah Foundation is sewing Mr. Success

Nkongho, Mr Frankline Njume , Ernest Obama of Vision 4 Tv and The Group Anecdote as well as an online platform my kontri pipio dem on Facebook for defamation and propagation of false accusations as well as

sabotage amongst other charges.

Ayah Ayah Abine the president of the Ayah Foundation in a press conference wondered how they can be able to carry out such an activity when the control posts from Nigeria to Cameroon passing through Ekok has

been hyped due to the crisis and also added that for what they are claiming to be possible then the state would be accomplices to the act saying that the government was even supposed to question the guy in

question for him to explain how they are involved in this illegal activity.

This post by Success Nkongho on his facebook page claiming that he has over 100 proofs that the ayah foundation is a terrorist organization used by ambazonians to buy and transport guns came a few days after

Territorial Administration boss Paul Atanga Nji made a famous statement that some humanitarian organizations are working as a mole for these so called terrorists.

They are calling on authorities to pressure them on providing proof that they are doing what he claims they are while placing their fate in the Cameroon justice system.

About Ayah Foundation

The Ayah Foundation is a Humanitarian Organization, WITH NEITHER POLITICAL NOR RELIGIOUS AFFILIATIONS, committed to preserving and/or improving the lives of vulnerable persons around the world. It

began with a solo drive to improve on the lives of orphans but later grew into a foundation committed to taking underprivileged people ‘Across the gap’ of want, to the realization of their full potentials. Our vision is to

reach out both to the needy and poor around the world as well as to salvage lives of victims that have no other last resort.

By John Paul Sama