Cameroon: North west administrative authorities backing all efforts to curb crisis

Members of the NW Regional and Divisional Caravans for peace have been assured of the readiness of administrative and security authorities to accompany and protect them, as they go about their tasks. The assurance was given on Monday, November 18 2019 in Bamenda by the NW regional Governor, Adolph Lele L’Afrique, during their last meeting with the caravan members before their departure to the field.

Despite the lofty nature of their mission, there is still the lingering fear of the unknown, among some members of the NW regional and divisional caravans for peace and awareness raising on the proposals of the Major National Dialogue. During the meeting with the administrative authorities of the region prior to their departure to the field, the team members could not hide their worries about the security context in which they will be operating…

 << … we need to prepare the field before we go down. We have to talk to the real people who will impact on the population in the field. As a human being, life is very very important. We are talking about peace, even these boys who are in the bush, they want peace.>> Member of NWR Peace Caravan

responding to their preoccupations, the administrative authorities of the region, led by the governor, Adolph Lele L’Afrique assured them that all will be well…

<<…go there with the confidence that you are going to rescue our people that have been diverted. There will be difficulties but our responsibility is to give you the necessary security.>> Adolph Lele L’Afrique, NWR Governor

The head of the NW regional caravan, Christian Cardinal Tumi on his part, advised his co members on how to go about the exercise and stressed on where emphasis has to be laid.

<<There is no culture in the world that would preach hatred for one another. Where there is love, there is peace. Whatever offence your neighbour has done to you, be ready to pardon. Those are virtues that go with the ambition for peace.>> Christian Cardinal Tumi, Head of NWR Peace Caravan

Governor Adolph Lele L’Afrique also used the occasion to challenge members of the NW elite to help bring back their traditional rulers, who are out of their Fondoms, so that they can help play the role that is expected of them in the ongoing peace process.