Atanga Nji says a security company in Douala has a hidden agenda.

The Minister of Territorial Administration is asking the said corporation to cease its activities.

In a communiqué, the Minister of Territorial Administration (Minat) have just drawn the attention of the national opinion on the security company “Delta protector agency”.

In a press release, Paul Atanga Nji indicates that this company does not have authorization to carry out the activities related to guarding.

He denounces the fact that it is using a uniform that is similar with that of the law enforcement forces causing confusion. “In addition, the actions of this structure, including the mode of training of its agents makes one

to believe the existence of a hidden agenda,” writes the Minat.

While asking the officials of “Delta protector agency” to cease their activities, Atanga Nji recalls the law that governs security companies.

The Minister cites Act No. 97/021 of 10 September 1997 on private security companies, as amended and supplemented by Law No. 2014/27 of 23 December 2014 and its implementating Decree No. 2015/407 of September 16, 2015.

The minister invites this company to comply with the texts in force by meeting with the headquarters of the Division, and submit a complete file.

By: Subiru Madina