Cameroon’s female music icon lost her second leg. The second leg of the artist Mama Nguéa was cut on January 16, 2020.

The singer Nguea Laroute finally lost her second leg. The leg amputation operation took place at the Douala General Hospital. The Director of Radio Balafon, who relays the news, calls for everyone’s support so that the author of “Soleil de Decembre” learns to live with her new condition. “… Pray for her recovery so that she courageously overcomes the ordeal of this new life of a motor disabled person,” reads the tweet from Cyrille Bojiko.
Crtv web equally tweeted on the same information, confirming the successful surgery of famous Cameroonian artist.
Recall that Mama Nguéa had already undergone a first amputation during which she lost her first leg. Deprived, the artist had then called for help, in a video posted on social networks. It was during the month of August 2019. In this video she had communicated to the internet users of her poor health and uneasiness. She said she had diabetes. And she called for active support and solidarity to have access to appropriate care.
The appeal having reached the Ministry of Arts and Culture, she had received from the government the sum of 2 million CFA francs. It was August 17, 2019. Financial support that she had deemed insufficient, because she wanted a medical evacuation. A collective of artists including Nicole Mara organized a charity concert. The goal is to collect donations to help their sister. The artists had then collected a sum of 408,000 CFA francs.

By Subiru M.