1. According to the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ART), the outlook for this year is notably the setting up of foresight frameworks to prepare for the arrival and deployment of 5G.

Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ART), does not specify when the arrival of 5G in Cameroon could take place. But, it explains that it is first of all the political will of the government to make Cameroon a digital hub for the Central African subregion, through the establishment of telecommunications infrastructure.

“It should be emphasized that the increase in the demand for data leads to the possibility of making new investments,” adds Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ART),.

In the prospective, Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ART), intends to use the supports offered by the very high voltage electrical network transport infrastructures, the motorway and railway infrastructures for the extension and the redundancies of the optical fiber networks.

Finally, the regulator intends to adapt the regulatory framework to the evolution of networks and services.

By Subiru Madina