Cameroon: Armed men do away with huge sums of money from Yaounde Cathedral

Report says two unidentified armed men have reportedly made away with huge sums of money taken from the cashier of Our Lady of Victories Cathedral. This took place today early Monday morning in Cameroon’s

political capital Yaounde, reports from the Cathedral  confirmed this information

Some few hours after the incident , the Communication Department of the Cathedral made public a release to this information. The report says at about twenty minutes past seven this Tuesday morning, two

unidentified individuals break into the office of the Cathedral’s cashier, Mme Nicaise Biloa, few minutes to the end of the 6am mass.

According to the release, the unscrupulous individuals tied her hands and feet before vanishing with a huge sum of money whose amount is still to be determined.

The Yaounde Archbishop has condemned the act, indicating that no faithful nor priest of the Cathedral was directly touched by the incident. The  Archbishop also  called on the culprits to repent.

The information of the situation was sent to the State security and defense department who stormed the area after the incident. They have opened investigation to bring down the bandits.

To some Christians and others, the bandits have committed a sin to rob the house of God, if they do not repent the curse and anger of God will fall on them.