Villagers have been fleeing Ngarbuh after government established a military base in the village.

Villagers of Ngarbuh and nearby villages have been fleeing from their villages after the government commenced the construction of a military base in Ngarbuh, where on February 14 troops massacred more than 13 civilians including children and pregnant women.

Government says the reason for the construction of the military base is to stop separatists from getting their supplies from neighboring Nigeria.

Unfortunately to the villagers, they fear they may once again be a target of the military or being caught in a cross fire between military and separatists.

Emelda Tatah, a twenty two year old farmer says she and her family among the almost one hundred villagers who fled the village on Sunday morning when military trucks full with military arrived the village Sunday morning.

Upon the arrival of they troops, they have been constructing a military base to fight anglophone separatists.

According to Emelda Tatah, the February 14 massacre is still fresh in her mind, reason why she can’t stay back.

According to Prince Ekosso, National President of the United Socialist Democratic Party, the military presence in the village of Ngarbuh is uncalled for.

“Why establish a military base in Ngarr-buh, where the military has been accused of massacring civilians, children, women, pregnant women,” he said.  “We are calling on the government to retrieve [stop] the initiative of establishing a military base in Ngarr-buh. And we call on the international community to put their eyes [pay attention] on this particular situation in Ngarr-buh.  The use of force has never resolved any conflict,” he added.

Government spokesman, Rene Emmanuel Sadi over the state radio on Sunday defended the establishment of the military base in Ngarbuh, which to him is a necessary defense against the separatists.

He said most of the separatists in Ngarbuh disguise themselves as Cameroon soldiers to commit atrocities on the villagers in a way to give a bad reputation to the military.

Minister Emmanuel Sadi said the troops are out to protect the civilians from separatists who are responsible for raping, stealing, abduction for ransom.