At least nine soldiers have been taken into custody as investigations continue into the Ngarbuh massacre, military sources have told Journalducameroun.

According to two high-placed security sources, nine soldiers, including two colonels were arrested in the North West Region last week and brought to Yaounde for questioning in connection to the Ngarbuh incident.

The sources say the soldiers are suspected of degenerating the situation in Ngarbuh on Valentine’s Day when soldiers clashed with separatist fighters that day.

Soldiers had earlier clashed with separatist fighters in Ngarbuh but a group of soldiers later returned accompanied by some Mbororo men who had complained they are being harrassed in the community by

separatists fighters who they say are backed by the villagers, our sources added.

It is in the course of these renewed clashes that lives were lost and property destroyed leading to outrage and a call for investigations to be opened.

The army has said only five persons died contrary to figures from Human Rights Watch and other international organisations.

Last week, it was revealed by the government that the Head of State had ordered a commission of inquiry to investigate the incident.

It is in the course of the investigations that the nine were arrested, our sources say adding that they will be further questioned on their role in the incident before a decision is taken whether to prosecute or release them.

However, our sources say some of the mbororo men who were part of the mission have since fled for their safety as investigations continue.


Source: Journalducameroun