Despite the United Nations call for ceasefire for Covid-19 concerns, fighting continues in North west and South West regions of Cameroon.


Cameroon two English North West and South West regions have been in war since 2017. The Northern regions are facing continuous attack from Islamic Boko Haram group for years now.

There is also political conflict between political parties in the country. All these has classified Cameroon among the most risky and fragile countries in the world.

There is continuous fighting between the separatists and the government forces. Since 2016, the Anglophone Crisis began with just a request from the lawyers and teachers of the English regions.

The inability and unwillingness of the government to see into the demands of the teachers and lawyers is the result of the situation today.

Separatist fighters and soldiers have been killing unarmed civilians at random. Few days ago some civilians were shot death by soldiers in Buea, South West region. In the North West region, a man killed by separatist fighters around Mulang was buried yesterday.

As the world is experiencing the covid-19 pandemic, the United Nations called for a ceasefire to be respected by both parties in a way to contain the spread of the virus.

The leaders of the armed separatist accepted to respect the UN call and issued a comminique in regards to that. The government on her part remained mute.

Despite the UN call for ceasefire, the fighting seems to intensify in these regions.

Government raids have displaced people, increasing risks of transmission. Separatist attacks have impeded humanitarian and public health efforts.

War and Covid-19

For every region and society it has affected, COVID-19 has presented a myriad of demanding challenges. In areas at war, the dangers are perhaps even more complex and acute.

Civilians are still targeted during this pandemic. Some of the actions taken by the separatists in recent week has differed from their standard operations.

Separatist fighters in Manyeme in the Southwest region stopped a passenger car in one of their checkpoints. They accused the passengers of trying to import covid-19 into the region just because they were wearing masks to protect themselves.

The separatists pulled out the passengers, beat them, and demanded money from them before they would be released.

It has become a difficult task for the government to manage the pandemic in these regions of war. Cameroon has recorded several cases of coronavirus, with few cases in the two English regions.

With the constant fighting between the separatists and government soldiers, there is fear that the situation of the pandemic may escalate in these regions, due to the difficulties to manage.