Accident: CRTV journalist Bennen Buma seriously injured; his wife dies! CRTV reporter Bennen Buma had a tragic accident this Friday morning.

The editor of CRTV News traveling to Ngaoundéré, the capital of the Adamawa region, was in an accident in his vehicle.
The CRTV journalist had his wife and children by his side. According to witnesses, the journalist’s vehicle made a road trip to Tignère before finishing its race in a ravine.

Bennen Buma’s wife died in shock. On the CRTV side, we confirm the information. “The car he was driving with his wife on board found himself thrown into a river at the bottom of a ravine. Bennen got away with a few injuries. His wife unfortunately died. At the moment, the Chief of Station CRTV ADAMAOUA, whose promptness and implication I salute, is trying to organize the transfer of Bennen and the remains of his late wife to Yaoundé. He is inconsolable and devastated, ”says Evelyne Owona Essomba.

Bennen Buma Gana and family, wife no more

Bennen Buma Gana and family, wife no more

She is the head of the CRTV NEWS channel. For several years, journalist Bennen Buma has worked for CRTV sports. Getting information from Nuwea Ben Modika, “Bennen and wife were on their way back from Tignère… Somewhere around Likok towards Ngaoundere, he missed a bridge at a blind end, as he told me, and they went down…He managed to pull out the hurt wife who finally died before she could get any medical help at the local health facility…They were later evacuated to the Ngaoundere Regional Hospital where we spent much of the day together…He left the Hospital at dusk with the corpse of the wife for Yaounde… They should be getting there by tomorrow morning…We got to pray for him and and families…The devastation is total…!” he says.
Recall that Bennen has been managing the editorial staff of the News Channel for some time.

By Subiru Madina