Cameroon: 451 lists selected for the 2020 Twin elections.

Elections Cameroon, the organ in charge of the organization of the elections, published the various lists on Monday December 9, 2019.

We are now focused on the political parties that will take part in the legislative election on February 9, 2020. Indeed, Elecam has unveiled the various lists by constituency.

470 lists were presented by 35 political parties, but only 451 lists were validated by the electoral council.

The first observation is that the CPDM will have candidates in the 85 constituencies.

More than 30 other parties are engaged including the SDF, the UNDP, the PCRN, the PURS, the PADDEC, the ANDP, the FSNC, the MPCN, the ADD, the UFP …

Note that the electoral council rejected the lists of the CPU (Cameroon People Union) in all the constituencies for which this political party had deposited two lists for the same election.

Below, the list published by Elecam: